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Getting Started

How do I get a Dragon of Fyra?

Dragons of Fyra are on OpenSea and the Vulcan Forged Marketplace or win them in various community giveaways!

What is a Dragon of Fyra?

As inhabitants of Fyra Oyer, the dragons are at the center of the game and universe.  The dragons are yours to grow and make unique as you play the game! Players can either use a free elemental dragon for gameplay or buy an NFT. Each dragon has one or more features that will impact your gameplay. 

How do I grow my Dragon of Fyra?

Dragons of Fyra can be leveled up by playing Dragon Garden and earning XP to upgrade your dragon. 

You can also make your dragon unique in The Awakening using novelty NFTs. 

The Fables of Fyra Ecosystem

Fables of Fyra is a multi-genre blockchain gaming franchise with free-to-play, multi-player, open-world RPG games. The Fables of Fyra Franchise currently consists of three games in various stages of production.

Dragon Garden
Available Now!
Reboot coming soon!

Dragon Garden consists of a series of mini-games in which players raise an NFT dragon to adulthood. Once matured, they can breed it and continue the adventure! Dragon Garden is available on PC, Mac, and Mobile.

Fables of Fyra: The Awakening
In Closed Beta for Gold Key Holders
Public launch coming soon!

The second entry in the franchise is Fables of Fyra: The Awakening, the flagship for many games to come. In this open-world environment, you can Craft, Build, Farm, Quest, and Explore locations across four different lands! Manage your resources and complete quests to learn more about the history of Fyra Oyer as you create your very own unique world.

The Awakening is a free-to-play game that incorporates a play-to-earn/own economy. It is currently in closed beta and scheduled for full release shortly on PC and Mac.

For updates, feel free to join the community.

Odyssey Racing Arena
In Development
Public launch coming soon!

Odyssey Racing Arena is a Play-To-Earn, NFT, E-Sports Racing Game where players will enter digital dragons in epic racing battles. Based on strategy and experience, it combines legendary dragons, modern blockchain technology, and an innovative reward system, increasing the in-game earning potential for players.

Odyssey Racing Arena is set to be the most thrilling and addictive NFT Racing Game of all time.

For updates, feel free to join the community.


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