About Fables of Fyra

“In our world, the meek really will inherit the Earth.

Heed the advice of those you meet and learn to understand yourself: your foundation is there already, with strength just waiting to be released.”

Fables of Fyra is a franchise and complete ecosystem that is the wondrous home to dragons and many other unique characters developed specifically for the Fyra Oyer Ecosystem. There is adventure and opportunities for players to learn, build, farm, craft, quest, explore and earn! The universe has a player-owned economy where individuals can truly own, buy, sell, and trade resources they receive in the game.

Fables of Fyra has a deep atmosphere combined with fun gameplay that is immersive for both adults and children. Purposely built as an alternative to the blood-and-gore genre, it is a game to escape into, where conflict exists but is edifying and has a purpose as the story unfolds.

The Awakening is the genesis release in our expanding ecosystem. It is a free-to-play game that incorporates a play-to-earn economy. While exploring the beautiful terrain across four different lands, players learn to farm, build and manage resources. Rewards are earned through exploration and going on quests that introduce the mysteries of Fyra Oyer and its inhabitants.

The Light in a Dragon Dark is the first of three planned Adventure Packs to be released. Each contains numerous chapters for our community to play through the tales only hinted at in The Awakening. Journey with our dragons as they confront the secrets of Fyra Oyer, learning that sometimes the most significant victories come when the struggle seems the hardest.

Welcome to the Fables of Fyra. This is your story as much as ours- a magical journey to be immersed within for many years to come!

Market Analysis

In the last 24 months, there has been a meteoric increase in blockchain-enabled, play-to-earn gaming participants that will substantially impact the global gaming market– which is expected to be worth $314 billion by 2027.

In 2021, the number of daily unique wallets interacting with game-related smart contracts surged to 1.3 million, a 46% increase over the 28,000 at the end of 2020. This has led the blockchain-enabled, play-to-earn gaming space to be dubbed the “highway” to web 3.0 and NFT adoption.

The causes for such rapid adoption by the blockchain-enabled P2E gaming space are numerous:

  1. Players invested incredible amounts of time, determination, and creativity into honing their skills, gaining experience, and earning in-game items that previously had no real-world value. Now, the P2E gaming space linked with in-game NFTs enables players to monetize their efforts.
  2. Individuals are taught from an early age to invest. Studies have shown that those involved in the P2E Space, from actual players to savvy financial investors, have seen In-Game NFTs and tradeable tokens as investments rather than “sunk cost” purchases. This continues to drive appreciation of this market, as people are more satisfied knowing their time, dollars, and efforts are being rewarded with tangible and tradable assets.
  3. With the increased development of online ecosystems and platforms and the continued evolution of the metaverse, gaming is becoming more social, immersive, and creative. Decentralized and open-source gaming environments will further allow in-game NFTs, tokens, and digital land investment to become more readily tradable and progressively important in the marketplace.
  4. With the relatively low barrier of entry into the P2E gaming environment and the burgeoning popularity of global “Gaming Guilds,” a new economy is being developed in which talented, hard-working individuals in developing countries are flocking to the space.

Market analysts and critical contributors to the space expect Play-to-Earn gaming participants to increase 100X in the coming years.

Market Positioning

Our family-friendly characters, graphics, and storyline are purposely designed to deliver a gaming experience that the entire family can enjoy.

The lore and supporting quests, paired with challenging play in general, were built to make players of all types more personally invested in the game by allowing them to be key stakeholders in the Fables of Fyra ecosystem.

  1. Enjoyable Earnings: The style is uniquely identifiable. It is a breeding/farming/questing game with established lore and mystery that is told in a family-friendly manner, all while earning.
  2. Ecosystem Evolutions: The Fables of Fyra franchise is an NFT game that is dynamic, with deep lore to dive into that allows continuous evolutions and additions to the ecosystem for years to come.
  3. Rich NFT Functionality: Robust NFT Functionality and a well thought-out and sustainable economic system exist for individuals interested in play-to-earn income, guilds, and NFT enthusiasts of all types. This includes a franchise-specific token, in-game NFTs, digital land, and the ability for individuals to purchase and rent NFTs.
  4. Simple to Use: The blockchain infrastructure will be “hidden” for players who are not interested in the underlying technology. This prevents bulky and complex interactions with wallets, crypto-currencies, and other technology-based attributes that might distract players who only wish to enjoy standard gameplay.

Marketing Plan

Our mission is the implementation of a tailored and unique marketing strategy that allows the Fables of Fyra to grow its fan base, increase engagement, and raise brand awareness globally. The core marketing principle the franchise will lean on is that of solid storytelling and consistent engagement of our global community. Profound lore and immersive gameplay will provide an immense amount of content that can be deployed strategically to attract interest leading up to and following the Fables of Fyra Public Release.

Growth Strategies

The Fables of Fyra story will be told far and wide by implementing a planned content strategy and a set of multi-faceted tactics: Editorial Coverage, Public Relations Management, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Influencers and Organic Partnerships, and Paid Advertising.

The ecosystem will grow and people will remain engaged via continuous in-game updates and a robust multi-level economy. Stemming from our roots, the team considers community participation to be one of the most important aspects of our growth, and we will continue to engage and give back through contests and other challenges.

Fables of Fyra Advisory Team

At the foundation of every successful project is a team that can bring a vision to life and provide business fundamentals that are scalable, sustainable, and supportive of the project’s objectives. The Fables of Fyra Team has assembled a best-in-class set of advisors who are experienced and have a proven reputation of delivering top-level results.

Vulcan Forged: Fables of Fyra has partnered with Vulcan Forged, a well-established non-fungible token (NFT) game studio, marketplace, and dAPP incubator. The Vulcan Forged platform boasts 10+ blockchain-enabled, play-to-earn games, a 100,000+ member community, and a top 5 NFT marketplace (volume). The Vulcan Forged group provides an experienced team of mentors, subject matter experts, and players to help us develop a top-of-the-line franchise. Vulcan Forged has also released its own decentralized exchange (VulcanDex) and has recently deployed the main-net of their NFT gaming-centric blockchain Elysium, an EVM compatible Blockchain specifically designed for NFT gaming. Partnering with Vulcan Forged and utilizing their cross-chain solutions will allow Fables of Fyra to reduce fees and bypass network congestion problems, leveraging the technology prowess of Elysium while accessing their tremendous community and customer support.

NonceBlox: A leader in the industry in developing commercially scalable and viable Blockchain solutions, the NonceBlox group is a family of blockchain architects, consultants, business SMEs, and advisors that create custom digital solutions. The Fables of Fyra franchise has engaged NonceBlox to assist in the technical development and 3rd party audits of the Fables of Fyra tokens, Smart Contracts, and guild management platform.

Armanino, LLP: A well-respected, industry-focused accounting and consulting practice specializing in digital asset organizations and token projects. Armanino, LLP provides curated services for industry players and crypto-vested companies. The Armanino Team is providing consultancy services regarding the in-game economy, token structure, and Fables of Fyra will implement their TrustExplorer Treasury Dashboard. This will enable Fables of Fyra to offer token holders and other interested parties real-time insight as to who holds the tokens and how and when they are distributed.

Invisible Goat Studios, LLC: Invisible Goat Studios is an interactive entertainment and game incubator designed to introduce the whole family to new ways of interacting with emerging technology.

Conceived with a passion for bringing rich worlds and lore to blockchain-enabled, play-to-earn gaming, Invisible Goat is about being the best at what we do. We believe strongly that it’s the player that matters most. We create the world, the medium for fun and earning; the player does the rest.

That is why we are invisible — Invisible Goat Studios.

Fables of Fyra Project Team

Steven “Oversized Hat”, CEO: Steven is the founder and CEO of Invisible Goat Studios, LLC. Having successfully launched Dragon Garden and as a long-standing member of the Vulcan Forge community, his expertise, experience, and industry connections have been key factors in the organization’s success. His vision and family-first stance have allowed Fables of Fyra to carve out a niche in an area that is underserved and in high demand.

Dino, COO: As Head of Operations, Dino leads the identification and interactions with outside advisory teams and manages day-to-day non-design activities of the studio. With nearly 20 years managing complex, technical design and production activities, Dino brings real-world experience scaling businesses to the studio. His experience, educational background, and strengths include the scaling of start-ups into sustainable and robust organizations, as well as managing constraints in order to clear hurdles so developers, creators, and visionary CEO’s can change their perspective markets and industries.

Bjorn, Head Developer: As Head Developer, Bjorn is turning the vision of the Invisible Goat Studios creative team into the fully immersive Fables of Fyra Ecosystem. He is an experienced and highly-accomplished game developer with nearly 30 years of experience. His accolades include game development for industry legends such as Brenda and John Romero and include everything from start-ups to AAA studio titles. For Invisible Goat, Bjorn leads a group of nearly 20 developers, animators, and graphic designers responsible for the development of the franchise.

Heidi, CMO: As Chief Marketing Officer of Invisible Goat Studios, Heidi is responsible for championing the Fables of Fyra as a game, universe, and a community. With ten years at media agencies in New York City and Los Angeles and as the Regional Investment Director, her experience includes working with a diverse range of brands such as Pokemon, Adidas, and PlayStation. Heidi spearheads marketing and works closely with the developers and storytellers to evolve the Fables of Fyra Franchise.

R. August: Mr. August is the driving force behind the overall story and lore of Fyra Oyer, along with its inhabitants. As well as being many of the dragon’s voices heard throughout the game, his touches can be found throughout many of the nooks and crannies of The Fables of Fyra, striving to make the narrative as immersive as possible.

Jed, Regional Advisor: Jed is a knight-errant in his own right, with almost two decades of experience, helping startup companies create a culture that nurtures the foundation for world-class customer service. Before stepping into an advisory role for the Fables of Fyra franchise, Jed worked in customer service and technical support. After a successful career in the corporate world, he shifted his sights to the then blossoming e-commerce industry. He served as Head of Customer Support for several multinational companies in Europe and the US. On weekends, Jed enjoys playing computer games, going on hikes, and planning for the next adventure with his wife and kids.

Note: The Fables of Fyra project team has been verified via a 3rd Party. Please contact the Info@FablesofFyra.Com with any identification or” doxing” requests.