Land Sale

Fables of Fyra, a Vulcan Forged ecosystem open-world NFT game, is getting ready to host the “Gold Key” (land) minting event selling 1,000 Dreka Kingdom land plots. Summary of the Minting Event. Date: March 23rd, 2022. Time: Uknown. Land Plots: 1000 available. Land Type: Dreka Kingdom

Fables of Fyra Roadmap

The foundations and fundamentals of the Fables of Fyra Franchise are what separate us from other market participants and have the project poised for success. REPUTATION & EXPERIENCE: Invisible Goat Studios has proven success in the industry and an established reputation

Marketing Litepaper

Blockchain Enabled Play-and-Earn/NFT Gaming Market Analytics In the last 24 months, there has been a meteoric increase in block chain enabled play-to-earn game market participants. In 2021, the global gaming market increased to nearly $200Bn in annual revenue with nearly

“Gold Key” Land Minting Event & FAQ

Date: 3/23/2022 Time: TBD Minting Cost: 25 PYR (Or Equivalent in the Following Tokens: MATIC, ETH, USDT, and USDC) Land Type Available: Dreka Kingdom “Gold Key” Land Total Land Plots Available: 1,000 “Gold Key” Lands Dreka is the first inhabitable land in Fables of Fyra:


Breeding: Your dragon must be an adult dragon of breeding age before he or she can breed. You can care for and raise your dragon in the Coddle Pets Dragon Garden game until they reach the correct age. Your dragon


Listed below are all of the OG Genesis pairs that are possible. Remember, these are ‘first come, first served’. These are not the Genesis Tokens. Color = Available Gray = Unavailable ASH: BLEU: CHASE: COMET: EMBER: ISERAN: JADE: OVERSIZEDHAT: PODGY:


STAKING: Genesis Dragons: A Genesis dragon is the FIRST male and female born to an ‘OG’ dragon pair. BOTH parents must be ‘OG’ dragons. ONLY the FIRST male and FIRST female born to an ‘OG’ dragon couple will be considered

What is a Dragon of Fyra?

Dragons of Fyra are collectable NFT dragons. You can raise your dragon to adulthood by playing Dragon Garden. Once they are fully grown, you can breed your adult dragon to get a new baby dragon! Adult dragons will be able