Fyra Oyer In-Game Economics Overview

The Fyra Oyer Ecosystem will have a specially-designed, Play-to-Earn Economy with (5) components:

  1. Governance Token ($BAAH)
  2. Fables of Fyra In-Game P2E Currency ($CAVE)
  3. NFT Land
  4. NFT Dragons
  5. NFT Items

Each component of the economy plays a unique role in ensuring the sustainability and viability of the overall franchise.

Governance Token ($BAAH)

$BAAH is designed to empower and provide value to our community of players and contributors through unprecedented access and earning capabilities within our existing and future games. $BAAH is a cross-franchise, essential, and long-standing utility token that will provide holders access to multiple benefits within The Awakening and Future Games, such as:

  1. Specific $BAAH levels and holding periods paired with NFT ownership will allow holders to take on unique roles within the Fyra Oyer Ecosystem.đź‘‘
  2. Used in conjunction with $CAVE to level up NFT Land and increase in-game earning capabilities and shares of the $BAAH Land Holder Bonus Pool. đź’°
  3. Holders will be given FIRST, EARLY, and EXCLUSIVE access to qualifying in-game content such as downloadable content, digital items, and action packs. ⏰
  4. $BAAH Rewards Pool will be dispersed to the community in many ways, such as: holder benefit programs, in-game bonuses, tournament payouts, and participation incentives. đź’¸
  5. Great care has been taken to develop unmatched transparency, liquidity assurance, and a token distribution approach that addresses issues experienced with other play-to-earn gaming governance tokens.🔍

Fables of Fyra In-Game P2E Currency ($CAVE)

$CAVE is the lifeblood of the In-Game P2E Economy. $Cave will be used for everything from in-game purchases to paying minting fees for converting hard-earned items into NFTs.

$CAVE facilitates proof-of-play functionality and can be mined by performing tasks, completing quests, scavenging, and unlocking new locations throughout a player’s kingdom.

The number of tokens mined by a player will vary based on certain conditions, such as (but not limited to) the following examples:

  1. Daily Mining Allotment
  2. Competition
  3. NFT Dragons Assigned to the Land
  4. NFT Land Level and NFT Additions

$CAVE is an ERC-20 Crypto Token that lives on the Polygon blockchain.

To earn $CAVE, a player must connect a wallet, such as MetaMask, and own NFT Land.

Land of Fyra Oyer

When minting NFT Land, a player is provided access to an entire kingdom!

There are (3) land options (Free, Premium, NFT). Each option offers differing levels of access to the Fables of Fyra Franchise and unlocks benefits through ownership.

Each kingdom will have (3) tiers of NFT Land (Gold Key, Silver Key, NFT).

The Gold and Silver Key plots will be extremely limited and will provide special benefits to holders. Please note, the Gold Key Land is sold out! Silver Key Land Mint is coming this May, owning the Silver Key Land will get you early access to the game and the ICO!

An NFT land is required to earn $CAVE and increase daily earnings with NFT Dragons and Enhancements.

NFT Land is limited within the ecosystem and once sold out, can only be purchased on the secondary market or when new kingdoms open.

NFT Dragons

As inhabitants of Fyra Oyer, the dragons of Dreka, Klaki, Eldur, and Vatten are at the center of the Play-To-Earn economy within The Awakening. The player’s NFT Dragon will provide many advantages in-game as well as increasing the daily earning ability.

Each NFT Dragon will have unique elemental attributes, strengths, and weaknesses based on the kingdom from which they hail. Each NFT Dragon will have one or more elements that impact gameplay based on their heritage.

NFT Dragons also have individual traits that will impact gameplay. These traits do not appear in free dragons.

Starting a family in the Fables of Fyra ecosystem gives you benefits within the game and can increase a player’s share of the daily rewards allocation. When a player breeds NFT Dragons, they receive a larger home cave, acquire helpers for chores around the farm, and gain access to the additional attributes and traits of the spouse and children.

Each dragon added to a player’s land will entitle a player to additional shares of the daily rewards pool based on position, lineage, generation, and rarity. A fully upgraded plot of land can hold up to 12 NFT Dragons!!!

NFT Item Review

In-Game Items/Efficiency NFTs

These NFTs are used to complete complex recipes, advanced quests, or increase the efficiency of a player’s ability to earn their daily reward shares within Fables of Fyra: The Awakening.

Land Enhancement NFTs

Land Enhancement NFTs, when applied to a kingdom (piece of land), increase the daily shares of the $CAVE daily rewards pool allocated to that kingdom. Land Enhancement NFTs come in (5) different classes based on their rarity and effectivity length.

Novelty NFTs

These NFTs don’t have specific In-Game or Land Enhancement benefits but allow players to individualize their kingdom and overall experience. The novelty class of NFTs includes skins for NFT Dragons, Seasonal Characters, and Special Plants or Bushes that allow players to express who they are within the ecosystem.

Your adventure awaits….