1. REPUTATION & EXPERIENCE: Invisible Goat Studios has proven success in the industry and an established reputation for listening to and delivering on promises to the community.
  2. READY TO RELEASE PRODUCT: Fables of Fyra: The Awakening is ready for Initial Release. Our roadmap is not built to fund a speculative product but rather to support a ready-to-release product franchise that addresses a rapidly growing and underserved market segment.
  3. PROJECT TEAM & ADVISORS: The downfall of most projects is their lack of horsepower to deliver on their promises. Understaffed projects deliver half-baked and underwhelming deliverables. The Fables of Fyra Franchise has the team members on board and the best advisors in place. Our deliverables are well thought out and our roadmap allows the community to vet the foundations prior to release.
  4. COMMITMENT TO OUR ROOTS: The Dragon Garden and Vulcanverse Community are our roots. Our roadmap demonstrates the continued commitment to our core members and remains true to our core values. With no VC backing and a unique economy structure we ensure our community will remain at the forefront of the Fables of Fyra Franchise.