Genesis Dragons:

A Genesis dragon is the FIRST male and female born to an ‘OG’ dragon pair.

BOTH parents must be ‘OG’ dragons.

ONLY the FIRST male and FIRST female born to an ‘OG’ dragon couple will be considered Genesis.

Each Genesis dragon will share in the ‘Genesis pool.’



Genesis Pool:

The Genesis Pool is a pool of PYR tokens dispersed to any Vulcan Forged wallet that holds a Genesis dragon.

15% of all breeding fees will be converted into PYR and added to the pool.

You may ‘stack’ Genesis dragons. If you have more than one Genesis dragon in your wallet, you will receive a share for each Genesis dragon.

Second-Generation Staking:

All second-generation dragons will be able to be staked in the Vulcan Forged wallet to earn LAVA. The LAVA will be drawn from the ‘LAVA pool’ and dispersed to any wallet holding a qualified second-generation dragon.

Second-generation dragons’ parents can be OG dragons, non-OG dragons, or a mix of both.

The generation of your dragon will be clearly marked.

LAVA amounts and staking details will follow.

Third-Generation Farming:

By attaining a third-generation dragon and raising him or her to adulthood you have earned the right to put your dragon to work for you. That’s right, these little guys can be excellent farmers! Their favorite things to farm? NFTs and LAVA!

Stake your adult third-generation dragon in your Vulcan Forged wallet.

Your dragon will begin to farm NFTs for you. Including rare, exclusive, and limited NFTs.

Third generation dragons that are purebred ‘OG’ dragons will get additional benefits.

Augino OG statues will also play a part in NFT farming.

*Coddle Pets reserves the right to alter or cancel these programs at any time.