So let’s get started!
  1. Create a MetaMask wallet if you don’t already have one.
  2. Next, once you have your MetaMask wallet created, you’ll need to go over to the host wallet for your My Forge wallet (Venly).

Once there, click on the “My Wallet” button at the top right.

Once you’ve signed into your Venly wallet (same email login you’re using for Vulcan Forged). Click on the VECHAIN network at the top. Then click on the settings button in the top right.

Next, go down to the bottom and click on export.

From there choose a password BE SURE TO REMEMBER IT, and then confirm it with your pin (same pin you chose when setting up the My Forge/Venly wallet in Vulcan Verse)

Once you’ve entered your password and pin, you’ll need to hit download file and copy/paste it into a notepad and save it as a .JSON file.

3. Now that you have your Venly wallet ready for import, go to the following link for a step by step process on how to import your private key file, into your meta mask:

4. Now that you’ve created your MetaMask, and have completed your import, you will have to add the Polygon Network to your meta mask to be able to see all your Polygon NFTs. Click the Ethereum Mainnet button of the top of the screen.

Click on the add Networks tab.