Land of Fyra Oyer

When minting NFT Land, a player is provided access to an entire kingdom!

There are (3) land options: Free, Premium, and NFT. Each option offers differing levels of access to the Fables of Fyra Franchise and unlocks benefits through ownership.

Each kingdom will have (3) tiers of NFT Land: Gold Key, Silver Key, and NFT.

The Gold and Silver Key plots are extremely limited and provide special benefits to holders. Please note, the Gold Key Land is sold out! Silver Key Land Mint is coming soon, and owning the Silver Key Land will get you early access to the game and the ICO!

An NFT land is required to earn $CAVE and increase daily earnings with NFT Dragons and Enhancements.

NFT Land is limited within the ecosystem and once sold out, can only be purchased on the secondary market or when new kingdoms open.

Learn More:

Staking: https://fablesoffyra.medium.com/gold-and-silver-key-land-holders-earn-20-through-land-staking-eafc16825822

Silver Key Land Mint: https://medium.com/@fablesoffyra/silver-key-land-mint-details-2dda7fe56b4b

Gold Key Land Mint: https://medium.com/@fablesoffyra/gold-key-land-mint-benefits-46f53908cd66