• Players invest an incredible amount of time, effort, and creativity into honing their skills, gaining experience, and earning in-game items that up until now have had no real-world value. The P2E gaming space linked with In-Game NFTs allow players to monetize their efforts.
  • The demand for this form of monetization was first realized by E-Sport tournaments but was limited to certain games, platforms, and only rewards the very best in the world.
  • Studies show that nearly 81% of core gamers want to trade in game elements for real world money.
  • Individuals are taught from an early age to invest. Studies have shown that everyone involved in the P2E Space, from the actual players to financial savvy investors have seen In-Game NFTs and tradeable tokens as investments rather than “sunk cost” purchases. This continues to drive appreciation into this market as people are more satisfied knowing their time, dollars, and efforts are being rewarded with tangible and tradable assets.
  • With COVID-19 Lockdowns persisting into 2022 and increased development of on-line ecosystems, platforms, and the continued evolution of the metaverse gaming is becoming more social, more immersive, and far more creative. Furthermore, decentralized, and open-source gaming environments will allow In-Game NFTs, Tokens, and digital land investment to become more readily tradable and increasingly important in the gaming marketplace.
  • The relatively low barrier of entry into the P2E gaming environment and the increased popularity of global “Gaming Guilds” a new economy is being developed in which talented, hard working individuals in developing countries are flocking to the space.
  • The Fables of Fyra franchise is an NFT game that is dynamic with deep lore to dive into and allow continuous evolutions and additions to the ecosystem for years to come.
  • The style is uniquely identifiable as it is a breeding/farming game with established lore and is told in a family friendly manner. We expect this to attract a wider audience of players and differentiate the Fables of Fyra Franchise in a space primarily occupied by procedural building games with very shallow and one-dimensional backstories and supporting details.
  • The blockchain infrastructure is not shown in-game, preventing bulky and complex interactions with wallets, crypto currencies, and other technology-based attributes that would detract from players who only wish to enjoy standard game play.
  • Rich NFT Functionality and a well thought out and sustainable Play-To-Earn infrastructure exist for individuals interested in play-to-earn guilds, and investors of all types. This includes a franchise specific token, in-game NFTs, digital land, and the ability for investors to purchase and rent NFTs to play-to-earn individuals and guilds.
  • Existing Community and Game Participants
  • VulcanVerse (VV) and Vulcan Forge User Base
  • Players and Individuals already engaged in Cryptocurrency Trading, NFTs, and NFT Gaming
  • Income Players or “Grinders”
  • Widespread adoption and targeted marketing to Scholars and Guild Programs.
  1. Editorial and Public Relations Management: Building relationships and using current relationships in the space to gain organic PR and editorial coverage.
  2. Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Through content creation we will establish an emotional connection to the lore and the Fables of Fyra ecosystem. An implemented content strategy and release calendar for the website and social media will allow us to keep the community involved and engaged in the development of the franchise and subsequent game releases.
  3. Social Media Management: Our largest tool in creating a brand identity and connecting to users will be social media platforms. These platforms allow us to genuinely engage with our audience and will provide consumers the ability to provide feedback and guidance on the development of the franchise and overall direction of the organization. Our social platforms will document and memorialize our actions and provide constant feedback on the status of various roadmap initiatives.
  4. Influencers and Organic Partnerships: In today’s digital age, influence marketing plays an increasingly effective way to market to the appropriate audience. The Invisible Goat marketing team will identify influencers that reflect our brand identity and connect with our target audience to help increase credibility and awareness to Fables of Fyra. Organic Partnerships will also be critical to the widespread adoption of the franchise and subsequent game releases.
  5. Paid Advertising: Paid media on Search or Social can help to raise awareness and drive immediate results.