Chief Executive Officer


Founder and CEO of Invisible Goat Studios, LLC. Having successfully launched Dragon Garden and a long-standing member in the The Vulcan Forge community his expertise, experience, and industry connections is a key factor to the success of the organization and future franchises. His vision and family first stance is what has allowed the Fables of Fyra Franchise to carve out a niche within the space that is underserved and in high demand.

Dean “Dino”, a serial entrepreneur and experienced business operator, joins Invisible Goat Studios as its Chief Operating Officer. Dino brings nearly 15 years of business operations experience to the studio with a specialization in highly technical, custom engineered electrical products servicing bleeding edge customers in the Data Center, Electric Vehicle, and Next Gen Power Markets. At time of exit, the business had achieved 39.4% 3-Year Revenue CAGR and 29.76% growth in Adjusted EBITDA resulting in a 23x return on initial investment.

Dino has now turned his attention towards Web3.0 businesses and is poised to use his operational experience, operations background, and passion towards highly technical solutions to help elevate Invisible Goat Studios to the next level. Dino’s educational background includes an MBA with a focus in econometrics and statistical decision-making along with a MS in Accountancy with a Certificate in Business Data Analytics, all from Loyola University of Chicago. Dino will spend a great deal of his time assisting in the development of in-game and on-chain economics of Invisible Goat Studios tokens and assisting the CEO in the oversight of the overall organization from an operations and financial standpoint.

When not digging into numbers, building models, or dreaming about Web3.0 use cases, Dino enjoys playing empire building strategy games such as Sid Meir’s Civilization and classic RPG’s such as Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Assassin’s Creed. He also spends time competing in Triathlons, doing CrossFit, and playing sports with his 9-year-old daughter. Dino is also an avid foodie, craft spirits lover, and live music fan which makes Nashville a perfect landing spot for this Chicago and San Diego Transplant.

Chief Operating Officer


Chief Marketing Officer


Heidi’s role is to champion Fables of Fyra as a game, a universe, and a community. She spearheads marketing and works closely with the developers and storytellers to evolve the Fables of Fyra brand. Heid grew up reading books about mythical lands and faraway places with creatures well beyond reality and uses this experience when thinking about her own art, NFT collection, and the Fables of Fyra Lore.

Heidi joins the Fables of Fyra franchise after spending 10 years at media agencies in New York City and Los Angeles. As the Regional Investment Director, her experience allowed her to work with a diverse range of brands such as Pokemon, adidas, and PlayStation. For the past 6 years, she has worked in the gaming industry, by leading the Global Strategic Partnerships for PlayStation. Some of her creative handiwork includes the PlayStation Rick and Morty partnership and helping bring the PS5 to market globally. Heidi’s background also includes studying Business along with Politics, Economics, and Philosophy at The King’s College.

Heidi enjoys capturing and communicating brands’ unique stories and points of difference across marketing channels and beyond. She brings a diverse international experience in brand building, marketing, and storytelling to the Fables of Fyra culture.

Tony’s 25-year business career has spanned roles in executive leadership, technology, operations and continuous improvement. He’s a co-founder and former CEO/CTO of a $200MM+ ATH project which attracted 70,000 holders. Leveraging real world experience, he oversees the technical infrastructure, security and development roadmap adherence.

Chief Technical Officer


Director of Narrative Design

R. August

Mr. August is the driving force behind the overall lore of FYRA OYER and its inhabitants, as well as being many of the dragon’s voices heard throughout the game. His influence can be felt throughout countless nooks and crannies of the Fables of Fyra, striving to make the narrative as immersive as possible.

He is the author of two novels of speculative fiction, as well as numerous other projects he swears will get done if he can get these dragons to start writing themselves. Mr. August is most comfortable behind the keys of a typewriter.

Jed is a knight-errant in his own right, with almost two decades of experience, helping startup companies create a culture that nurtures the foundation for world-class customer service.

Before stepping into an advisory role for the Fables of Fyra franchise, Jed worked in customer service and technical support. After a successful career in the corporate world, he shifted his sights to the then blossoming e-commerce industry. He served as Head of Customer Support for several multinational companies in Europe and the US.

On weekends, Jed enjoys playing computer games, going on hikes, and planning for the next adventure with his wife and kids.

Regional Advisor


Game Developers


Arrible is an international award-winning outsourcing game development studio, operating worldwide, specialized in full-cycle game production, P2E projects, VR solutions. 65+ employees, founded by people from Wargaming and Gameloft. They have worked on projects like Illuvium, Castle Wars, and last Epoch.