The multiplayer genre has changed and grown in many ways throughout the past two decades, and it appears the next evolution is underway with blockchain gaming. Multiplayer offers the opportunity for more collaborative gameplay; it’s no longer you against the machine, as now we can play with other humans across the globe. Gamers can come together in guilds to handle joint operations. Players can either celebrate a win or lament a loss together, but nonetheless, it brings people together. There are many ways to utilize multiplayer in games, but here is what we are considering for FoF:

  1. Friends: You can add friends to the game. You can go visit them, help with daily activities, complete quests and tasks together, send and receive daily gifts, etc.
  2. Unions: Unions of players, led by a union leader. You can participate in events and competitions between Unions to obtain unique rewards. There would also be a chat function for communication and coordination of alliance members.

Let’s take a closer look at these mechanics:

Mechanics of Friends

Players can add friends to an account, looking something like this:

The player can accept or reject friendship requests. They will also be able to visit the land of a person who sent the friendship request to see how and what the player has crafted/built/farmed on their land. This would enable gift-giving and lending helping hands to your friends!

Player Unions

From the main screen, the player can navigate to their alliances. If the player is not yet in an alliance, he will have one Union Rating by default where he can make a request to join a union.

Additionally, there will be events in which the Player’s Union can participate. One example could be a competition between unions and/or group events that are not competitive but collaborative, like building something together.

What is Next

Multiplayer functionality is set and will be playable in the beta soon! Players can expect to see multiplayer implemented not only in The Awakening but also across other games in the franchise. The community spoke, and we listened!!! Stay tuned to our social channels for continued updates on progress!

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