Fables of Fyra: The Awakening is a single-player, open-world, play-and-earn NFT game where you can Explore, Craft, Breed, Farm, and Earn! Discover the mysteries and history of Fyra Oyer as you meet our cast of dragons and complete their quests. The Awakening is your introduction to an ecosystem of worlds, characters, stories, and play, utilizing the fundamentals of interacting with emerging technology for a truly unique experience.  
What is Fables of Fyra: The Awakening?

Fables of Fyra: The Awakening is a free-to-play game that incorporates a play-to-earn economy, the first in a series of titles within this world. Our inspiration was to create something that everyone could enjoy. While exploring the beautiful terrain of Fyra Oyer, players can farm, build, and manage resources. Rewards can be earned by going on quests that will begin to unlock the mysteries of our dragons’ rich history. Far from the simple ‘grinding’ game that is so prevalent in this industry, Fables of Fyra is an intricate, robust, and engaging experience filled with countless hours of dynamic gameplay. This, coupled with a deep backstory just waiting to be discovered, makes Fables of Fyra a fully immersive experience for both adults and children. Ours is an adventure where conflict exists but is edifying and has a purpose as the story unfolds, devoid of the blood and gore as seen in many of today’s games.

The Genesis of Fables of Fyra

 Fables of Fyra started with Steven Hawkins, who was interested in the wide range of uses for blockchain technology. He believed that the future of gaming was in bringing blockchain and traditional formats together through NFTs and fungible tokens. Through interactions with different communities in the blockchain space, he met Jamie Thomson, the Founder of Vulcan Forged. Both saw massive potential in NFT-gaming, and in 2020 the play-to-earn adventure called Dragon Garden was released on the Vulcan Forged platform. The first NFT dragon created was Kaida; her design steered the artistic expression for the entire project, and she remains one of our most iconic figures today

The original franchise name “Coddle Pets” best represented our way to market the dragons as cute and collectible (to hear more about our branding journey, visit here). In Dragon Garden, players could raise and nurture their dragons to adulthood while playing entertaining mini-games. Once grown up, they could be bred to produce new and unique offspring, and every dragon child was custom-designed to capture the features of each parent. Revenue generated from breeding these “Genesis Dragons” (after distribution of community rewards) was the primary source of funding for Fables of Fyra. 

Steven knew that none of it could have happened without the support of the players, and has always prioritized community involvement. Initial members were even given naming rights to the first ten dragons. Participation from our fanbase will continue to be a driving force in our franchise’s progression.

What can you do in Fables of Fyra: The Awakening?

The gameplay revolves around exploring different areas of the map, collecting resources, and using them to craft items to be utilized in the various lands. Players can build structures, plant seeds, harvest crops, raise animals, and cook food, which can be sold, eaten, or used for raising pets. 

The base skills and their respective specializations are:

  • Farming (horticulture/agriculture)
  • Crafting (smithing/tailoring)
  • Cooking (baking/roasting)

There are many places to travel in Fyra Oyer, as it measures about 2km on each side. Multiple caves, islands, buildings, towns, forests, lakes, and rivers are just waiting to be explored! While most areas are immediately accessible, some are locked behind quests, require tickets for a boat ride, or discovered in other exciting ways. There is much to do in Fyra Oyer and plenty of continually-added fables to uncover along the way. 

What to Look Forward To?  

Over the summer months, we will have a series of important “Key” events. Kicking it all off will be giving Gold Key Land Holders- players who have acquired rare keys (1,000 in total)- access to the first version of Fables of Fyra: The Awakening. In early May, the Silver Key Land Mint will take place, allowing players to purchase a second, limited-edition Key that holds specialty roles that further increase the earning capability of land. Additionally, we will announce the $BAAH Token Sale and Fables of Fyra: The Awakening early-access period later this summer, followed by our worldwide launch. Join our Discord to stay tuned in for upcoming key dates — your adventure awaits! 

Visit our website: https://fablesoffyra.com/.